Gear Fit Camera Remote Pro

Gear Fit Camera Remote Pro

Gear Fit Camera Remote Pro

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Gear Fit Camera Recorder Pro is an application that allow user using Gear Fit to remote your smartphone record video or take picture.

▶ Features:
- Video Recorder with back camera.
- Capture for both front and back camera.
- Switch camera directly from your Gear Fit.
- Timer Capture/Video Recorder.
- No Ads

You will able to catch up every beautiful moment when you are far away from your smartphone. These functions are very helpful for you when take picture for your self or group.

▶ How to use
- Install Gear Fit Manager and connect with your Gear Fit device.
- Download and install the Gear Fit Camera Remote Pro application.
- You can find the Camera Pro app on App Connect of your Gear Fit.
- Tap Camera Pro to launch and record video.

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- Improve image quality.
- Add video zoom slider on Gear Fit
- fixed minor bugs.